German Knife- Heavy Duty Slider - GS-12M

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German Knife- Heavy Duty Slider -  GS-12M


1/2 HP knife motor

Powerful 1⁄2 HP knife motor assures peak performance when slicing the toughest products.

Powerful gear driven knife motor

German Knife’s heavy-duty gear drive system provides years of maintenance free reliability without down time. No belts to slip or break.

Half-permanently lubricated worm gears

Worm gears are made of Nytratron that is self-lubricated plastic made in Germany for high-speed equipment.

Stainless steel receiving plate

Stainless steel for food zone

Stainless steel food contact zone provides easy to clean surfaces and won’t chip or peel.

Oil lubrication system on top and bottom

slide shaft

Oil lubrication system on top and bottom slide shaft provides smooth sliding for the chute compared with competing brands. 

Top mount knife sharpener

Ergonomic style chute handle

Comfortable and stable ergonomic style grip on the chute handle provides easy glide manual operation.

Knife blade

Knife made in Germany holds the cutting edge longer requires less sharpenings, corrosion resistant and provides precise cuts.

Heavy stainless steel end weight

Heavy end weight lets you slice tiny pieces to the end and eliminates waste.

Operator side end weight rod

By placing the weight rod on the operator side of the chute, the product is held tighter for slicing.

Safe knife cleaning

German Knife heavy duty slicers are equipped with a permanently attached knife ring guard and interlock knife cover.

Slice thickness adjustment

Precise thickness adjustment lets you slice from tissue thin to 1” thick. 


German Knife- Heavy Duty Slider - GS-12M

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